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!CyVerse Learning Center

Welcome to Container Camp 2023


What you will learn about

Docker Containers for scientific research

Introduction to Docker

Finding the right container

Containers on High Performance and High Throughput Computing

Basics of SingularityCE

Using SingularityCE on HPC and HTC

What you leave with

  • An understanding of development, maintenence, and deployment of containers within the research lifecycle.
  • One year of free support and consultation on your container builds with CyVerse Research Software Engineers and Data Scientists.
  • A better understanding of and access to the most powerful public research computing infrastructure in the world
  • A better understanding of commercial cloud services and costs and how to best leverage them for your research

Twitter hash tag: #cc2023

Funding and Citations:

CyVerse is funded entirely by the National Science Foundation NSF under Award Numbers:

NSF-0735191 NSF-1265383 NSF-1743442

Please cite CyVerse appropriately when you make use of our resources; see CyVerse citation policy.

Last update: 2023-03-27